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Sawyer's   RR   Homepage

Last Updated September 4,1998 (Sorry if I didn't updated this in soo long! Wasn't my fault! Ok ok it was! Well I updated the Fan Art Gallery See ya later!)

Hi there, my name is Sawyer, i'm a road rover, well not exactly a road rover, a Ranger Rover, I don't have a pic of me to show you how i i'm so here is a short description....i'm a Female Akita, I have white fur with a little of light yellow from my head to tail, my eyes are green, i like alot to hang out, but i'm making this homepage so let's not talk about that, lets talk about the show called Road Rovers! These show is about six dogs that where chosen to be cano-sapiens, (half dog have human), this lucky dogs are Hunter, hes a born leader hes a looks a look like a Golden Retriever,but he is a mutt, then we have Colleen, a collie, the only female of the group an she knows how to kick some tushies...then we have Exile, he is a Sibberian Husky, he is super strong an has super frozen and hot sight, then we have Blitz, a doberman, he knows how to bite some tushies, then is Shag a sheepdog, he is super chicken but gets really mad when they talk about destroying food and finally Muzzle, he is a rottweiller, he is super wild and when the rovers need back up, he is right for the job...well there is not much to see since i'm new, but still is page...

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